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March 2018

They are amazing! Even though I was a walk-in, they did what they could to get me in right away. This is my first time owning a dog and they were helpful. Gave me a folder full of brochures, tips, emergency vets, etc.

I feel very comfortable with this clinic and I will continue to go here! Thanks!


August 2017

We have gone here for years, love the doctors, nurses and all the staff!


January 2017

I just brought my dog in for the first time and I was really impressed. I'm pretty sure puppy was impressed as well. It's a small clinic, so you get that personal touch. Everyone was very friendly and welcoming to me and Rose (the pup!) The registration process was pretty quick. The vet tech was great, very knowledgeable. Then we saw Dr. Bernhardt. She's a fantastic vet; I highly recommended her! She was our old dog's vet, and I'm so happy that she'll take good care of Rose as well. 

Obviously I know Rose is a wonderful dog, but I appreciate how people at Whole Pet also seemed to like her! We'll most certainly be back, for both the high quality vet services, as well as the friendly atmosphere.


May 2016

Staff here is very friendly & informative, they spend time with you to answer your questions or concerns. After my first visit I received an e-mail with a write up of all the vaccines my dog received, along with a picture of him they took at the visit. It was great to receive all of the info digitally so that I have my own copy. I feel it is conveniently located, as well.


April 2015

They are so wonderful. They are so patient with my very snarky old lady cat. They also do a great job utilizing both eastern and western treatments to best fit the patient's needs.


September 2014

Whole Pet has taken care of my shih tzu for almost 3 years.  Every staff member from front desk, to tech, to vet is so kind and informative.  The always offer advice, detailed descriptions, as well as take-home reading.  I also love that they are on top of their e-mail for documents and scheduling. Great service.


April 2013

Wow. This place is fantastic. My cat has been ill. I came here for a second opinion on his diagnosis and care. Everyone I spoke to from start to finish was kind and helpful. They ran the tests that were needed and explained not only why they were needed but what the results meant. 
After the experience I had today I will be moving all of my pets over to this clinic. I feel comfortable with the diagnosis, and I feel informed and educated. 
Even my cat loved it there! This is the first time I've ever brought my cat home from the vet and he didn't immediately run and hide!


September 2012


Just writing to say thank you to Dr. Olson. She helped me out with a few questions about my cat, Duncan over the phone today. We haven't been into the clinic for about 18 months because of a move, but I am back in Madison with the cats and will be coming in for check-ups soon. Your clinic is the best! I will continue to recommend your services.

Thanks again,


August 2012

My kitten was very ill and my vet couldn't see me until the next day. I called Whole Pet Vet clinic and they were able to see me 45 minutes later. They did such a great job with my kitten and really took the time to examine her to determine the cause of the illness. Their prices were very reasonable and they give you a price list before they even start so you know what to expect. I will definitively be returning!

June 2012

Still love them! The vets, Megan, Lisa, and Erica are all so nice and very patient. They make sure all of your questions and concerns are addressed (including everything from grain free dog foods to doggie seat belts!). The vet techs are all SUPERB! Overall a very talented, just wonderful group! I wouldn't take my pup anywhere else.

June 2012

I just had a dental for my cat at Whole Pet. The staff called me and kept me updated throughout the entire procedure, and sent me home with a care package and detailed instructions on how to take care of her after! I was nervous about the procedure, but the whole staff really made me feel more at ease (well, as much at ease as you can feel when your pet is under anesthesia!)

May 2012

I love Whole Pet Vet! I recommend them to everyone I know :)

May 2012

Dr. Caldwell,
Thank you SO much from the very bottom of our hearts for everything you have done for West. The effort and care you have put into making sure he is 100% healthy and happy is very much appreciated.

West may not have a perfect smile, but he's still very handsome and he's got a big heart. Words can't express how grateful we are to have you and your amazing staff taking care of him. Being our first dog, the thought of him needing surgery (even if it wasn't major) was a bit scary. Thank you for keeping in contact with us every step of the way, and for answering every question we had. The time you and your staff take to make sure we are "in the loop" is extremely reassuring. There is no doubt that once he makes a full recovery, West will be even happier than before.

We'll see you soon. Thanks again!

March 2012


I just wanted to give a big thank you to Jess and Dr. Erica for their care and compassion with our cat, Baloo.

We had driven past Whole Pet countless times and were thrilled at their beliefs at caring for animals in different ways. Online reviews solidified our desire to choose Whole Pet when needing to get our pet in.

Jess and Erica were both so caring and provided great information to us. Both were extremely knowledgeable, and it was apparent that they both really enjoyed their work. Thank you both for taking the time to answer our questions and for the sweet care you gave to Baloo. He loved exploring the back room with you!

I will absolutely recommend you to anyone in need of veterinarian care.

Thank you very much,


January 2012

Wonderful staff. Since I just take my cat in once a year for check-ups, I always have a lot of questions. The were very patient with me and didn't rush me at all. I also like that they have a special cat window that I think made the visit a little less stressful for everyone. They give all the options for recommended care and aren't pushy at all, unlike other places I've been.


June 2012

Great staff, great service, very knowledgeable and considerate. My three cats and I go here as they were highly recommended by one of my co-workers. The staff is super friendly and always willing to listen to my questions and concerns. They also have a specific room just for cats, which is really helpful, and they are always great at making them (and their human!) comfortable. I also love that they take the time to explain everything to you and they are not pushy in the least - they outline services that are available and that they recommend, and they give you a choice. I also love that the staff is knowledgeable about species appropriate pet foods (read: carnivores need meat!), which is a rarity for vets. My cats and I are so happy to have found a vet we can trust and I for one am glad to know they will always be in good hands.

August 2011

Amazingly compassionate and intelligent staff. The receptionist knows my name, my dog's name, his allergies and meds, and the staff was so gentle with my dog when he was getting an IV during a serious liver disease scare (which they were able to catch early enough and treat instantly, bringing him from an emaciated lethargic dog to a vibrant, stronger and healthier than EVER guy full of wiggles and love) that my dog just curled up in their lap to nap.

First time we went in was supposed to be a routine check-up that revealed serious disease in my little guy, so what was a check-up turned into a 5-hour-long appointment with IVs. They set up an exam room entirely for him, got him warm blankets, and kept an eye on him while I ran my boyfriend to work.

The vets and staff are incredibly knowledgeable and kind, give wonderful support, are raw-food friendly (definitely a rarity, unfortunately), and are responsive to all kinds of questions and details.

March 2011

I recently lost my dear sweet Emma, a Rhodesian Ridgeback dog, to cancer.

The ENTIRE staff at Whole Pet were amazingly competent, empathetic, helpful and available to me and Emma during a hard time. The doctors were knowledgeable and resourceful and explained everything and my options.

I am forever indebted to them for their compassion and hope that anybody who needs help will do themselves a favor and go see these people.

June 2010

First, I would like to thank you and your staff for the thoughtful condolence card. It truly meant a lot to me and D, and it demonstrated just how much we appreciate you and NEED you guys to be who you are! Not just “our Vet”, but people who really do care and love what they do. We are lucky to have you, and I share that sentiment whenever I can.

 .... You, Dr. Olson and your staff are wonderful people, and ALL OF US at DCHS are grateful for allowing another animal to not only feel better, but giving her the chance to live a life of happiness pain free.

 Thank you, thank you, thank you all

February 2010

 ... Sage’s owner emailed to say that she has moved to the St. Louis area, and is wondering if we have any suggestions about good vets in the area....she also wanted to let us know we were the best clinic she had ever been to! We didn't try to rush her out the door, we took time to meet Sage, and listened to her questions. She said, “Whole Pet is the first place where everyone seems to know how to work with Sage. It’s so refreshing.”

January 2010

Thank you so much for introducing us to Megan Caldwell. I think we are transferring all of our pets into her care. She is so GREAT!!!

December 2009

Hi Megan:

 .... Thanks for taking the time to do a very thorough physical exam on H. last week...I left the clinic that day feeling that I had made a very good decision to transfer her care over to you!--and I wanted to make sure that I told you so…. I'm  also glad to get the report on the needle aspiration.  H. will be happy not to have to have it removed, thank you very much! ...and I'm sure that we will see you soon! G.

November 2009

Thank you very much for EVERYTHING today. We are so very lucky to have found you. I appreciate your patience and demeanor, and most of all, I am grateful for your compassion… Thank you so much again, you truly changed my fearful feelings about this whole, sad journey we will be starting.

Take Care, S.

October 2009 

I can't express how pleased I am with this vet! The entire staff is very welcoming and they all work to create a very positive environment for pets! My dog is timid at the vet and the staff was very patient and understanding. Dr. Caldwell provided me with some great information and resources about holistic dog nutrition choices. This was by far the best vet experience I have ever had.

July 2009

W. and I are happy to have found a wonderful veterinary clinic. Your staff is helpful and cheerful and I appreciated your thorough examination of W.,


July 2009 

We have switched our 4 dachshunds to Whole Pet, after years at another vet who we were very happy with until recently. Dr. Caldwell is wonderful, takes all the time you need and answers all my questions. If I ask about something new like a natural supplement, she will research it and get right back to me. She has special ordered things for me that she normally doesn't carry. In addition, her prices are extremely reasonable. She does not try to oversell treatments, shots, or meds, etc. I really believe she has the best interests of the animals first and foremost. I hope she continues to grow her practice! If you go, tell her Pipsqueak, Macsen, Snuggles and Alfalfa's mom sent you and we will both get a reward!

June 2009 

If you are looking for a very caring and competent vet, you have to go to Whole Pet Veterinary Clinic. If i was staying in the states, I would definitely stay with them. And it is even worth a longer drive to go there. We had some problems with my cat, and they, especially Dr. Olson, went out of her way to make it all right....  I’m moving to Germany with my cat, and it is more paper work and things than I thought. She definitely made it easier for me. And she did not turn me down, even though it is not much pleasure to have my cat as a patient -- he is not a fan of going there. But even with that she went out of her way to try to make the best out of every visit. She is very caring and seems to really love every one of her patients, even if the patient does not love her.