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Megan W. says:

I definitely recommend this vet clinic. The doctors and staff here are all friendly and helpful. The prices are fair, and I should know because I ended up here after calling around checking for cat tooth extraction estimates when my previous vet quoted me a very high price. Many of the places I called refused to give me a general estimate for such a procedure, which I thought was both shocking and suspicious. I was very pleased with how whole pet treated my cat and I became a regular customer after that procedure. They also fixed a long standing runny eye issue she had that other vets told me would be a life long problem for her.


Leah F. says:

Wow! I am absolutely delighted with my experience at the Whole Pet Vet Clinic today. I am a new mom to the sweetest little English Bulldog, Jumba, and to say we have been through a lot this past month would be an understatement. Prior to working with Whole Pet, I was using a different clinic who was recommended by the place I got Jumba. Though well intentioned, the vet was unable to provide me with the tools, resources, or information that I so eagerly wanted to take the best care possible of my guy. Not to mention she was not friendly and kept pushing various services and products. When my pooch woke up this morning with a cough, I knew that I couldn't/shouldn't got to my original vet so I called Whole Pet Veterinary Clinic. The receptionist, Kiley, was eager to help and genuinely concerned about my little guy, to the point that they got me in within the hour! From the second I stepped foot into their clinic, Jumba and I received exceptional treatment. The staff was friendly, the vet gentle and loving towards Jumba, and completely transparent with me about procedural and financial details the entire time. They took time to talk me through various wellness tasks I can do at home with Jumba and were more than willing to answer any question I tossed their way. Not only did they not push services and products, but they went above and beyond in order to SAVE me money by recommending I avoid unnecessary procedures. They helped get Jumba the treatment he needed for his cough, and showered him with pets, cuddles, and treats to make the process as pleasant as possible. I know Jumba loves the staff at Whole Pet Veterinary Clinic, and I would have to say I think they're pretty great as well. Thanks for helping this stressed, graduate student, first time momma out! Will definitely recommend this clinic in the future.

Amy W. says:

After going to Whole Pet for 6 years, I just moved out of town and this vet is the thing I am going to miss most about Madison! I never had an interaction with anyone at Whole Pet who wasn't kind, caring, and helpful. They always went above and beyond to make sure I understood the cost and reasoning behind all procedures, and I never felt like they were doing anything unnecessarily. They are truly the best and I cannot recommend them enough!!

Kia H. says:

I take my dog and cat to Whole Pet. The vets and techs have always been reliable, responsive, and willing to work with me. They are understanding and I trust them completely!

Ellen B. says:

I was able to get my dog Frankie in for an appointment today! He loved on everyone in the office and they loved him right back! I am so excited to have found Whole Pet Veterinary Clinic and they were so wonderful to him and and us!


Kathleen W. says:

Amazing kind care of our pets for both well care and more complicated needs.