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Madison, WI 53715



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Exceptional Customer Service

It’s our #2 goal. We will always treat you respectfully, and do everything we can to ensure you and your pet feel comfortable in the clinic. What's our #1 goal you ask?–Your pet’s best health and happiness, of course!

Individualized Health Care Plans

We offer you a complete range of medical options to help keep your furry family member healthy. Your pet’s lifestyle, medical conditions, history and age is central to our recommendations. Client education and feedback is important to us–we want you to participate in making the best healthcare choices for your pet.

Payment Options

We understand financial limitations, and work with you to achieve the best care for your pet. We also offer a Payment Plan called CareCredit. CareCredit is similar to other major credit cards, with the additional benefit that each transaction is eligible for a No-Interest or Low-Interest Payment Plan.


We will not pressure you into anything; we offer medical recommendations, opinions about nutrition, and the benefits of certain natural supplements. Our goal is to educate you, to allow you to make the best, informed decisions.